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Welcome to KAP Communications LLC

Why are secure online collaboration tools important?

Case No 1.
Ever wanted to refer someone for a job but had no proof of their commitment to it?

Next time someone asks you to help them find a job, test to see how serious they are by asking them build a case for their hiring with more than a mere resume.  Explain to them that a slide presentation like the one you see here and a video have become more the rule than the exception for those who really care about finding opportunity.  " Who reads unsolicited resumes anymore?  They won't if they can Google you, right?  And when they do, you better be ready to explain everything they find. If the prospective job doesn't have a system of their own, it's clearly better to prepare everything you can imagine the employer want to know here at kapcommllc.com.  Then, send an email to the employer with a user name, password and secure link directly to your reference's presentation.  Given the presentation is convincing, there could be anything more impressive.  With our help, we'll ensure that it delivers the positive impact you and your reffersl deserve.

Case No 2.
Ever made a presentation to someone only to have them modify it, call it their own, and pass it on to your competition?

Well to thwart this situation, it becomes especially important to limit the number of people who access your proposals and qualify them with a "non disclosure agreement" (NDA).  This may not be appropriate for every presentation, but if you need to secure your proposal from competition and call on a team of experts to develop it, then there's simply no better way to manage them than with the tools right here at kapcommllc.com.  Create an account for each of your experts and either have us assign their permissions or do it yourself.  We will gladly sign an NDA to manage your accounts.  If you need the additional security of a "smart card" then let us know and we can add that capability with SSL security (for a fee).

Case No 3.
I've just started working for a start up company and there's no end to the tasks or time I spend.

If you accept work from a "start up" company be aware that it's very common for new companies to have everyone "multi hatted." Over the first year of the company's existence there may be virtually no limit to the time or tasking you're given.  What's worse is no one seems to keep track, so the onus is on you to manage what you do, an how long it takes  You don't want this level of intensity to go on forever, and there's no better way to justify your salary than to securely manage your roles and responsibility with our task oriented project management system.  Over the course of the first year, clear tasking patterns will emerge on the skills and time required to complete any number of tasks, making your salary justification, and development of new employee job descriptions a breeze.  In the second year of this company's growth you can continue to enjoy higher pay or sit back and watch others toil over what you used to do into the wee hours.

Online Collaboration Tools at Their Best

Content Development Tools

We offer an extensive set of content developoment tools to include...

1.) HTML editor
2.) Slide show/image editor,
3.) A quiz/survey development tool
4.) A chart development tool

Email Marketing Tools

It has become more the rule the exception for online marketing campaigns to include some kind of auto responder so as to collect, manage and retain customer email addresses.

With kapcommllc.com you'll be on the cutting edge of online marketing with with a selection of email marketing campaign styes that allow you to customize outgoing email templates with inserted blocks of standardized text and links that track your customers clicks.  Learn More

Online Shopping

Many online businesses do quite well merely selling other people products as an "affiliate." Kapcommllc.com not only provides an excellent environement for "affiliate marketing" but also direct sales of products you own or resell with our online shopping cart.  This online shopping system offers a flexible set of sales modules for an assortment of business models from rental to restaurants. What's more, can also use this shoppng system to develop an army of your own "local area" affiliates.

Project Management Tools

Once you start building interest in your project, keeping it updated it going to be a challenge.  To stay on top your projects and prove their value you will have to build a team and delegate some tasks to them. Paid or not, they will need to see a focused list of tasks that you"ve asked them to complete.  Our project managment system is ideal for this because it allows for the following:

Team building
Task Assignment
Task Progress
Progress Reports

Point of Sales Systems (POS)

OK, so the online shopping cart is just not quick enough for your business huh?  Well to answer the "need for speed" we can bring our own customizable POS  to your storefront.  In addition, we can integrate it with your online shopping experience here at kapcommllc.com.  This offers you the best of both online and traditional storefront sales.  Once set up with this system, your customers can enjoy the ease of ordering a product online, or in your store.

Event Production

Once you've established some on line traffic and you're seeing the benefits of the marketing tools here at kapcomllc.com we can bring our own production trailer to your location to celebrate your success.  The event could take any number of forms to include an auction, musical performances, raffals, giveaways - the list goes on.  Whatever your needs, we can service them with the same familiar tools you see here and include photography, videography with on site editing.  Naturally, all of these media files can be easily posted back to your promotional pages, building your brand's credibility.